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January 18, 2013
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EmpireO - Leddy by mellymerry EmpireO - Leddy by mellymerry
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Leddy O'Hare
Little Rabbit
Sponsor: HP
Strength: 5 | Talent: 20 | Vitality: 10 | Speed: 50 | Luck: 15
5'1" - 155 cm | 103 lb - 47kg
Super Speed & Hearing (rabbit-like abilities)
-- has one trademark offensive move "Rabbit Kick", a powerful kick, but still mostly for show
Virtually indestructible Rabbit Hat/Helmet; Heat resistant boots enable faster running speed and higher jumping capabilities; Otherwise she's pretty exposed whoops ;;
Registration Number:
#457817 (weeps sentimentally if anyone can figure out why)
Hero / Teen Idol
Place of Residence:
Leddy now lives with her manager on the Upper Plate

Quiet | Nebulous | Timid | Distant | Pushover
As "Little Rabbit": Energetic | Outgoing | Bubbly

Leddy first noticed her powers around middle-school age. At school she detected whispers from all around as the other boys and girls would tease her behind her back. Her unusually large ears and red eyes paired with her last name "O'Hare" lead to inevitable nicknames like "rabbit girl". Though few kids were ever so mean to her to her face, the repercussions of her super-hearing ability made her feel alienated and awkward.
Even when people weren't whispering about her she felt overwhelmed by her hearing, her head constantly swirling with the voices of others even from a great a distance; she withdrew from others and kept quiet so that there might be even one less voice to deal with.
It wasn't long before Leddy's other abilities awakened and she was outed as a "powered". She caught the attention of the Agency, however since her powers weren't particularly offense-based her parents worried about her fighting villains and pleaded with the Agency and Hero TV to find some other use for her. They agreed to take advantage of Leddy's powers and small, "cute" appearance to turn her into something of a Teen Idol to help promote Hero TV and make more money, and thus the persona of "Little Rabbit" was born.
Little Rabbit quickly became an American sensation as a poster girl for Hero TV and various products, the face of new HP technology, as well as taking up music, TV, and print ad work. At first Leddy was excited by the prospect of reaching out to boys and girls who felt awkward just like her, and supporting powereds who also felt unconfident, etc--but it became quickly apparent to her that her manager and sponsors had other more profitable corporate schemes in mind, and many of them still were prejudiced against powereds and wished to control them. Because of this, and the fact that she's rarely allowed to take part in real hero/villain battles as they are deemed "unsafe" and might damage her Idol status, Leddy has begun to question her worth as a Hero.

-Always covers her big ears with her hair, but they tend to stick out anyway
-Whenever she wears the helmet she feels more confident, since her ears don't show and her identity is more private which is why as the "character" of Little Rabbit she's able to appear more outgoing and confident and charming etc.
-Actually really dislikes rabbits after always being compared to them as a child, but lets her managment dress her in bunny-related paraphernalia anyway since she's a pushover
-Tends to space out and fantasize about strange things
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SweetDoctorBunny Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013  Student Digital Artist
so cute. <3
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very cute design. The group also sound real cool
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Gosh! She is sooo cute and adorable!
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You're colouring style ALWAYS gets me.
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xD She's 5 1'' like me. I already like her. Cute.
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; v ; i fell in love with the second outfit.
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