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September 14, 2012
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Finite02: Ito Junho by mellymerry Finite02: Ito Junho by mellymerry
I got lazy in the end with the app cry I didn't want to redraw his BETAV form a second time :iconweepplz: please forgive me
I will do a fully detailed ref of him/his BETAV form later on though when I have more freedom to do so!

I worry about time restraints but I'm just sooo inspired by this group gtthhgh if I make it in I'll find a way to do it //

+Name: Itō Junho 伊東 준호(ジュノ)
+Age: 19
+Voice: [link]

+Height: 5'6" / 169 cm
+Weight: 124 lb / 65 kg

+BETAV Height: 15'3" / 467 cm (fully extended)
+BETAV Weight: 850 lb / 385 kg

+Nationality: Japanese (father) / Korean (mother)
+Group: UI
+District: Metroplex
(1st year student at Miura University | Volunteer TA at Seiran)

+Strain: ALPHA
+Class: King [ G x N ]

  • Solidarity ties the team together. Depending on Junho's own physical/emotional well being (i.e. the stronger and more resolute he is, the stronger the effect) the groups overall morale will be heightened. Abilities will be stronger and rebound will be less severe. Has a small chance of adverse effects in particularly bad moods (e.g. if Junho suffers an anxiety attack it could possibly sharpen the rebound for his team mates' abilities).

  • Force Field thanks to the mutation in his genes, Junho can at times manipulate the electromagnetic charge in his body, and thus the charge of things in his immediate vicinity. For a brief duration of time, he can alter the electromagnetism of surrounding air particles (20-80 m radius) to prevent the passage of other molecules—in short, he can make a zappity thing that keeps the bad stuff out. (cry science folks please don't be too hard on me for this total BS I am a humanities major) This ability is extremely taxing, however, and shortens his life by minutes every time he uses it. It is possible to create the force-field out of BETAV form as well but the result would send his body into immediate shock.

  • Hard Working There's not really a lazy bone in his body; Junho is organized and sets goals for everything, willing to put out however much effort it takes until he accomplishes them. He's the kind of guy who does his homework first thing before anything else, and who actually sets aside extra hours out of his free time to do more studying, etc.

  • Obsessive The thing about being so hard-working and goal oriented is that Junho tends to obsess over completing tasks, and takes it really hard if his performance is sub-par. He also tends to get fixated on minute details and sometimes can let them drive him crazy. In extreme cases he can break down completely, however he has medication to prevent this.

  • Polite Despite being a perhaps overly-dedicated student as well as a perfectionist, Junho isn't completely buried in his books at school. He's very well mannered, making sure to greet people and smile at them appropriately. Because of his politeness and maturity people tend to approach him more when they otherwise wouldn't.

  • Distant Although he is friendly, Junho refuses (politely) to get close to anyone. He smoothly and good-naturedly declines any attempts to hang out or get to know someone outside of class or work. He has anxiety about being separated from those he cares for—like his brother—so he's made it a goal not to get close to anyone.

  • Born on the island, Junho's father came from a long line of biologists and bio-engineers for ZETA. His mother, also a scientist for the military, met his father there and they soon married and became pregnnant. However, she contracted the virus during her pregnancy from an omega carrier who had not yet been diagnosed or quarantined and died shortly after giving birth. Born to her was a set of twins—Yejun, the elder twin, and Junho. Miraculously, the virus did not carry from the mother to her children and after very thorough examination the twins were deemed 'clean' of any trace of the virus. However, there was a slight DNA mutation causing heterochromia to develop in both children's genetic makeup.

    The boys grew up very close, raised by relatives of the Itō family on the island, though their father made sure to maintain a relationship with them when he could afford visits. Junho, even as a child, diligently wanted to carry on his father's legacy—and also was very protective of Yejun who tended more to goof off or tinker with his dangerous experiments. Though they were different they shared a close twinly bond.

    Near the end of their first year as highschool students, Yejun contracted the BETAV virus and was put under quarantine. Naturally Junho was put through more testing to assure he, too, did not have the BETAV virus, but results appeared negative. Junho was devastated to be separated from his brother and dearest friend, and retracted from any and all emotional involvement with others, withdrawing into his school work with only one goal: to develop a cure for his brother and everyone infected.

    Currently Junho attends Miura University, also volunteering as a TA and tutor at Seiran to encourage students to succeed in/pursue the field of biotechnology.
    Recently a strange mark seems to have appeared in his right eye . . .

⌾ School
⌾ People watching
⌾ Coffee
⌾ Cats
⌾ Going for late-night runs

⌾ Cold food
⌾ Being short
⌾ Intimate social interaction
⌾ Reptiles

  • Suffers from mild anxiety, though he keeps it completely in check with a mixture of low-dose medication and by keeping his life organized—attacks are extremely rare, occuring only a handful of times throughout his whole life.

  • Has hetero-chromatic eyes, the right is green and the left is dark brown.

  • His vision isn't so bad that he can't see without his glasses—it's just a bit out of focus. However, he would rather have perfect crsytal clear vision.

  • Though he has a generally calm and maybe even 'cool' demeanor, he gets uncharacteristically flustered and embarrassed if one comments on his height. He generally just shrugs it off with a wordless mumble, turning a bit red in the cheeks.

  • His ID-Mate is a small touch-screen tablet—when activated the screen reflects a holographic image which is also navigated by touch. Aside from the fact that he uses his ID-Mate for everything it is also extremely precious to him because it's his primary way to get in contact with Yejun. Without it he would undoubtedly experience an anxiety attack./<li>

  • Yejun - his brother and best friend. They communicate every day via ID-Mate.

  • Team Mates coming soon hurry up and make your apps huff
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nyanray Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2012  Student Digital Artist
*<>*!!! oh your art style is so neat!!! //tuts your boy :iconlazeplz:
mellymerry Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2012
thankss!! ehehe
seiryuuden Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012   Digital Artist
mellyyyyyyyyyyyy dang your character looks amazing guuurl!! * A * oh by the way I'm kinda confused about the difference between UI and PC, it's like..UI doesn't realize that they're infected or they do but they hide it? @ ~ @;;
I tried asking the admins but they haven't answer yet hhh
mellymerry Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012
waaaahh thank you sei ;___; /////
umm UI and PC its like . . . I think they can either know already or not know, it's just that they haven't been caught/diagnosed with the virus yet?? I would check with the admin just to be sure, but I think either way is fine as long as the city authorities don't know.
seiryuuden Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012   Digital Artist
Ohhhhhh I see, I'm kinda confused if my character is UI then when he turned into a virus, isn't that makes him a PC!? or stay as UI as long nobody finds out? @ w @;; lol sorry if I ask this to you instead, Melly! ; 3 ;
mellymerry Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012
umm PC its like *____* if you're not infected, theoretically, you'd be in UI--but then if you got diagnosed with the virus you'd be quarantined and put into PC. However if no one knows you have the virus (even if you do) they wouldnt put you in PC. IDK IF I MAKE SENSE WEEPS.
seiryuuden Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2012   Digital Artist
ahhhhhhhhhhh so it's like we can hide it yes? that does make sense! Thanks a bunch Melly! * v * )/ <33
mellymerry Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2012
yeahhhh * v *
if youre in UI your character either doesn't know themself that they have the virus, or they're keeping it a secret.
seiryuuden Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2012   Digital Artist
Oh wait I think they answered the question!
but I think your answer is less confusing! hohohoho hi fellow UI :iconheplz:
mellymerry Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2012
do you have your CS yet *____* /// I hope our characters can get alonggg
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