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Milizia - Chastity by mellymerry Milizia - Chastity by mellymerry
Full Name: Chastity Blevins
Division: Medic
Class: Freshman
Age: 17 (May 17th)
Height: 163 cm - 5'4"
Weight: 53 kg - 117 llb
Nationality: American
|STR 0| AGI 2| VIT 3|INT 4|DEX 1|DEF 0|


Prideful - She's very smart and strong willed, and despite her lack of direction she thinks very highly of herself. She can be very opinionated but is also ignorant on subjects that don't particularly interest her. Her appearance to others is very important both physically and mentally/emotionally--wanting to appear to others simultaneously as a figure of power and an object of desire. Chastity also really likes control and power, she doesn't like being in a situation that she can't control--she doesn't handle surprises well unless she can easily overcome them and regain control of the situation. She is vain in regards to her own appearance though is less strict about the physical appearances of others, (except when there's another beautiful girl around whom she then views as a threat). Her plush upbringing also has made her a bit spoiled and she often feels entitled.

Intelligent - This can also be interpreted as cunning though not with malicious intent. Chastity is extremely studious and diligent in regards to school while also simply sharp witted as well. She knows how to play people to some extent to please them at face value, though she can run into trouble once that facade is seen through. (For her own safety she simply discards these people, no longer bothering to keep appearances with them rather than struggling to manipulate them further). She reads a lot and actually finds something soothing in poring over textbooks, naturally apt for taking the things she reads and understanding them to the point of being able to explain them to others in perfect detail--though actually applying certain knowledge in real-life situations is a different story. Also in spite of being intelligent and quick-witted she's still naive/ignorant in a lot of ways and generally refuses/very much dislikes to be introspective.

Impetuous - Chastity has little motivation or passion in her life, and on some subconscious level might be searching for that. But for the most part she tends to act on impulse and simply do whatever seems to please her at the time, changing her mind about most things depending on her mood rather than working with a long-term goal in mind. Though she can be impulsive and flippant, she's nice enough to everyone unless they give her a reason not to be. She's brash but generally wants to please others unless she feels there's no longer any gain from it.

Sexual (screams) - She's quite the sexual deviant and has a long detailed sexual history despite being fresh out of high school, using her body to express her power and freedom against her parents' strict upbringing, and as a woman in general. Naturally at Milizia, that sort of conduct is prohibited but she still manages to sneak in a little remark or flirtatious behavior when the opportunity seems ripe. She can be quite coy but other times she grows patient and becomes overt. Don't be fooled by her sweet face, she has quite the dirty mouth, and can be vicious if she feels threatened.

Chastity was born into a long line of wealthy and respectable doctors, and was always under family pressure to get ahead in school so that she could carry on that line. Growing up she always did what she was told by her strict parents without question, who in turn granted her freedom and financially supported her plush lifestyle. In grade school she was much shyer and meeker, often seen with her nose buried in her books. She did whatever she was told without ever seeming to mind, her parents rewarding her good behavior with material goods. Kids would sometimes alienate her in various ways for being affluent and a "bookworm" but by the time she reached middle school it hardly fazed her. She had already developed a strong sense of pride and superiority by her teen years, though she was contrastingly quite prudish. Thinking herself to be above others she commanded attention with her confidence and wealth and gained a few lackeys, but none she ever thought of as especially close friends, just girls to shop with and be materialistic.
Chastity soon became bored of this dynamic however, and in high school she began acting out. By this point her parents had enrolled her in a private high school in order to pursue a higher education and the stress and pressure to be perfect was an added annoyance. Here where the majority of students were from affluent backgrounds her wealth was no longer a means of power and status so she turned to other avenues to express her 'superiority'. She began hanging out with the rebellious crowd in the school's girls' bathroom and started taking an interest in boys and eventually men. With the influence of her new 'friends' she began to sleep around and quickly developed a powerful sexual reputation among the student body and eventually the entire district. Once she realized how popular she was with males she discarded her female friends completely. Her grades never faltered so her parents willingly turned a blind eye and deaf ear to any rumors, however her attitude towards her parents and school alike had become increasingly more arrogant and flippant, and when it became obvious she was not thinking seriously about her future they became extremely displeased. They gave Chastity an ultimatum: go to medical school and straighten up her attitude, or be financially cut off. To spite them, as they were conservative folks and somewhat in opposition of the war and the military, she chose to apply for the medical division at Miliza despite having no particular passion for the military herself--anything just to piss them off.

Current Merit Count: 0
Inventory/Stock: M9
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MeganSW Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2013  Student Digital Artist
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hey roomie :D
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Sheeeeeeeeeee is ridiculously pretty * 3 * I love her hair so much;;
And lol her personality XD
pinkysilva Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2013
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Melly what a cute medic hnnngh you make the most beautiful and unique characters
also the way you color is beautiful too o)-<
Devil1114 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2013
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